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We are the biggest BGM manufacturing facility company in Asia, the annual production capacity of glucose meter is 8 million, and the annual production capacity of glucose test strip is 6 billion.

glucose monitor with strips

You need a reliable glucose monitor with strips if you have diabetes and need to check your blood glucose level. Systems come in a variety of forms, such as continuous glucose monitors (CGM) and electrochemical glucose monitors. An optical-reflectometry test strip is another option.

Optical-reflectometry test strips

You might require a portable blood sugar measurement device or sugar glucose monitor if you have diabetes. Contrarily, using fake glucose test strips can put you in danger. As a result, you may end up taking too much insulin or other medication because of inaccurate blood glucose readings.

Glucose monitors using optical reflectometry offer precise measurements at reasonable prices. When compared to other technologies, optical reflectometry offers high-tech features, excellent reproducibility, and a compact design.

Fluorescent ink, a substance that reacts with glucose, and a bar code design are all common components of test strips. A feature that identifies them as being anti-counterfeit can also be added. Before inserting the test strip into the BGM, it is crucial to read the test strip.

The transmitted signal is typically analyzed by optical-reflectometry monitors using a light source and photodetector. To automatically analyze the signal, an algorithm is used. This entails comparing the signals from the light source and photodetector with previously recorded data.

The slope of the distributed reflection can be calculated as one method of determining blood sugar levels. The slope depends on both the rate of change in light intensity and the depth of the skin.

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