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Sinocare Safe Accu Blood Glucose Meter Glucose Meters Monitors Kit With 10 Test Strips
Sinocare Safe Accu Blood Glucose Meter Glucose Meters Monitors Kit With 10 Test Strips

Sinocare Safe Accu Blood Glucose Meter Glucose Meters Monitors Kit With 10 Test Strips

Place of OriginHunan, China
Brand NameSinocare
Model NumberSafe-Accu
CertificationCE ISO
Minimum Order Quantity50 Sets
Test range20-600mg/dL (1.1-33.3mmol/L)
Test time10s
Blood volume0.6mul
Quick Detail

1.blood glucose monitor,glucose meter,glucometer,blood glucose meter
2.Blood glucose meters are mainly used to monitor blood sugar. For ordinary people, regular monitoring of blood sugar can help prevent diabetes. For diabetic patients, by measuring blood sugar to observe the changes in their blood sugar, and then assess the condition, and can check whether their condition is stable by measuring blood sugar

Product Name

Blood Glucose Meter


Medical PVC Sponge


blood sugar test


1 glucose meter + 1 lancing device + 10 test strips +10 lancets+ manual+ bag

Calibration sample

 venous plasma

Expiry date

 24 months


 200 test results

Battery type


Packaging Details:

Single package size 16.5*11.5*5CM

Delivery Time:

10-25 day

Payment Terms:

T/T or Paypal

Supply Ability:

50000 kit/Month

Description & Competitive Advantage

1.1.1High Accuracy
The Improved algorithms and medical-grade standards of sinocare blood sugar monitor can ensure the accuracy when you measure blood sugar
1.1.2Fast and Convenient
This blood glucose monitor can quickly get a value within 5 seconds after taking a diabete test, without coding.
1.1.3Large Memory Capacity
The memory capacity reaches 200, which can display the data average of 7 days, 14 days and 28 days.
The clear large screen design is convenient for the elderly to read their own measurement values after blood testing, and the strip ejection button can ensure that you are not infected by the blood sugar monitor strip. micro liters
When you use our blood glucose test kit to take a blood glucose home test, you only need 0.6 micro liters blood to relieve your pain.
1.1.6Recorded in time
The blood sugar monitors for home use records blood glucose values according to time stamps, you can draw a graph to more accurately view the recent blood glucose change trend, so as to adjust your daily diet and exercise status.


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The Safe-Accu Blood Glucose Monitoring System is designed for the quantitative measurement of glucose in fresh capillary whole blood samples taken from the fingertip and in venous whole blood samples. The Blood Glucose Monitoring System is for use outside the body only (in vitro diagnostic use) for self-testing and professional use as an aid in the management of diabetes.

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