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Sinocare Lu Valley Biosensor Manufacturing Facility located in Changsha National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone was launched in 2013. With around 66,000 m2 gross area, our factory becomes the biggest blood glucose monitoring System (BGMS) production base in Asia.


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There are 4 major R&D centers in the world, they are work cooperate closely, giving full play to the professional advantages of their respective regions, and bringing innovation results integrating global wisdom. Sinocare is on the way to become an expert in diabetes management.

Product Series

Our products include blood glucose meters, blood pressure monitors, body fat scales, stethoscopes,uric acid and other diabetes indicators.


This goal motivates everyone at Sinocare

we have delivered blood glucose monitoring systems with more advanced technologies, we have developed multi-analyte analyzers to provide more information about diabetes, we have developed a hospital diabetes management platform to close loop between doctors, patients, dieticians, and diabetes educators. Ultimately, we are going to form a diabetes management eco-system and provide a solution to improve the quality of life for people with diabetes, to simplify the interactions between healthcare providers and patients, and to improve healthcare economy for our society.